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About Us

What makes us lucky? Our loyal customers do. Since 2004, we’ve built our business by delivering unmatched quality, service, and value for every customer we work with. When you order custom apparel with Lucky Dog, our goal is to leave you so amazed by the quality of our product and the commitment of our customer service that you’ll rush to tell your friends and colleagues.

Of course good luck comes to those who prepare. We prepare with continuous investment in the latest technologies for screen printing and embroidery. We prepare with creative designers that know how to transform your ideas into true works of art. We prepare by treating each customer with personalized care, to make the entire process simple and enjoyable.

No matter how big or small your order, no matter how customized the design, we’re here to see you through. Give us a call at 609-645-7319 to discuss your project with a customer service representative, or to request a quote.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel
619 Church St Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232
Phone: 609-645-7319