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How to Design an Effective Custom Calendar

custom promotional calendar

This promotional calendar from a veterinary clinic appeals to its demographic and displays the logo at the bottom year round.

A custom calendar is a valuable promotional product to invest in. While most promotional products are kept for around half a year on average, a calendar is more likely to be kept for a full year. This means that your logo will be displayed to your customers all year round! Plus, a calendar is a useful item, so potential clients are more likely to keep and appreciate it. Order your custom calendars now so that you have time to give them out for the new year! Here are some things to consider when ordering your custom promotional calendar that will help to make your advertising more effective.

Create a Focused Marketing Message

Take the time to devise a detailed marketing message that is centered on your clients’ interests. You can mark special dates on the calendar that you know your clients will appreciate, like often-overlooked holidays that your demographic celebrates or days that your company will be having special sales. You can also display photographs that reflect their interests, like photos of local landmarks or of cute animals. Receiving a calendar that is specially tailored to your clients’ interests will make them feel appreciated and will strengthen their loyalty to your company.

Make Sure Your Brand is Consistent

Your clients will look at your promotional calendar every day, so it’s important that you are conveying a consistent brand. If you are planning on updating your brand within the upcoming year, a promotional calendar may not be a good choice of product to distribute, since clients will continue to see your old logo or branding after you’ve updated it. Think about the colors of your brand, the emotions you want to inspire, and what you stand for. Make sure these things are clearly conveyed for every single month of the calendar.

Timing is Everything

People will most likely need new calendars as the new year begins, so make sure to get your calendars ordered ASAP! Acting quickly during this prime distribution time makes it more likely that you’ll have a larger distribution. The sooner your clients begin viewing your calendars, the sooner the brand impressions begin taking an effect.

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