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Machine Embroidery Vs. Hand Embroidery

Here at Lucky Dog Custom Apparel in Pleasantville, we create custom embroidery with the latest technologies. Because most people who order our embroidered products — caps, bags, polos, jackets, and more — are looking for more than one piece of apparel, we simply cannot hand embroider our products. 

Instead, we use high-speed, high-tech embroidery machines that transfer a digital stitch pattern created from whatever art you send us! See our embroidery page for details on our process and the types of art submissions that work best.

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how machine embroidery differs from traditional hand embroidery — which has existed for as long as humans have been able to produce fabric and thread!

How Machine Embroidery Works

Machine custom embroidery takes an image and digitizes it into a code that an embroidery-specific sewing machine can understand. The sewing machines we use at Lucky Dog Apparel in Pleasantville are embroidery only machines and work differently than a regular sewing machine.

It’s difficult to learn to operate a custom embroidery machine, but the results can be stunning. We’re lucky to live in a time where technology allows for computer controlled embroidery machines — without them we wouldn’t be able to transfer your embroidery art onto apparel!

Pros And Cons Of Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is what you might first think of when you consider embroidery. Think of any period piece movie you’ve seen: women in dresses, sewing fabric on a wooden hoop. Hand embroidery is  traditionally seen as a feminine craft, though today, embroidery is making a return as an art form that anyone can practice!

One of the main cons of hand embroidery is that it is very time and labor intensive. A single work can take months to complete. But a hand embroidered piece is entirely unique, something that is rare and special in our contemporary world. You also are supporting a local artist when you shop hand embroidery.

Contemporary Hand Embroidery

Artists around the world are creatively pushing the boundaries of hand embroidery. Many are selling their pieces online via craft shops like Etsy and promoting their art on social media like Instagram. 

Embroidery has always been an intricate craft and a form of art, but because it has been practiced primarily by women, it’s not often displayed in art galleries. Today, artists are creatively pushing the boundaries of custom embroidery and creating work that wouldn’t be possible on a machine. 

Today, fiber arts use a variety of techniques to push beyond traditional embroidery themes like flowers, leaves, and cursive samplers. You can find hoops embroidered with lines from TV shows or political statements. You can also find fabric being used as a canvas, and techniques like thread painting are becoming more and more popular.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel In Pleasantville

We offer unmatched quality, service, and value for every customer we work with! When you order custom embroidery products from our business, our goal is that you leave amazed by the quality of the product. Whether you’re ordering for a work event, softball team, family reunion, or just because, you can trust us to transform your idea into a true work of art. Contact us today to learn more!

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