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The Power of Promotional Giveaways

promotional giveaways

With promotional giveaways, your customer satisfaction rates will skyrocket.

If you own a small business, promotional giveaways can be your best friend. The benefits of promotional giveaways for businesses are expansive. Who wouldn’t want a quality giveaway, like a pen, water bottle, mug or t-shirt or other branded advertising products? Keep reading to discover the power of promotional giveaways.   

Personal Connection

When using promotional giveaways, your business will create personal connections with customers. With this personal connection, your business will greatly increase its brand recognition. You’ll be one step ahead of competitors because customers already recognize the name and logo of your company. With this fun form of advertising, customers will not only know the name of your brand, but also won’t be bored of any standard marketing techniques.

Variety of Marketing Techniques

People often become disinterested when hearing the same radio commercials or seeing the same posters for companies in their community. While these standard marketing approaches do come in handy, promotional giveaways provide an edge and a taste of something different for consumers. Repeated exposure is also essential for marketing to be reliable and useful. If a person is using a writing utensil from your company, this ensures that your company is in the back of their mind. There are also many advantages to branded clothing, in addition to SWAG like pens, tote bags, or sporting goods.

Money That is Well Spent

For some small business just starting out, the price tag for promotional giveaways might appear to be steep. Depending on the products that you invest in, the price can be very different. The power of promotional giveaways can largely outweigh any money obstacle. The lasting impact of promotional giveaways make them a very valuable investment.


Yes, you can find promotional products online, and yes, you can always find a similar item cheaper, but

  • Do you want your brand associated with a cheap giveaway?
  • Is the company you found online dependable?
  • Do they answer the phone?
  • Will they stand behind their product?

We Are, We Do & We Will!

We’ll work to find the right product to deliver your message, at the right price, and on time.   We use dependable suppliers who make us look good by making you happy. We’re full of ideas to help promote your message.


Contact us at 609-645-7319 to speak with a Lucky Dog customer service representative, or click here to browse popular promotional products.

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