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Breast Cancer Awareness

In the United States of America, 1 in every 8 women will develop an invasive breast cancer over the course of her life. Similar studies have shown that the rate of deaths from breast cancer are the highest among any known types of cancer, including cancers of the lung, and represent the primary cause of cancer related deaths in the United States.

Here at Lucky Dog Custom Apparel, we recognize that education and knowledge may mean the difference between early detection of breast cancer, and its discovery at a later stage where disease management may be a lot more difficult.

In light of this, and in recognition of October as the month for global awareness of breast cancer, we are proud to announce that Lucky Dog Custom Apparel will be making a donation to the Shirley Mae Breast Cancer Assistance Fund.  Lucky Dog Custom Apparel will also provide pink breast cancer awareness ribbons to our customers that visit our shop (while supplies last).

For those groups that will be participating in Breast Cancer Awareness activities, we can work with any group or organization in the production of custom breast cancer awareness gear. We will help customize your gear with pink ribbons and statements of hope and support in a bid to help you and your organization raise awareness about breast cancer and hopefully help put an end to this disease.

To work with us, call, email or visit us at the shop to get started.

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