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3 Steps for Creating a Brand Strategy

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Developing a good brand strategy is the first step of success.

If you are starting a new company, it’s likely that you’re drawing up a business plan. Part of your business plan should be your brand strategy. Before you start getting your company logo printed up on t-shirts and promotional materials, take some time to thoroughly plan your brand strategy! There are three main things you need to plan for in order to have a successful brand strategy.

Step One: Set Yourself Apart

What makes you different from your competitors? Think of what words you want people to associate with your company. For instance, when people think of the Volvo brand, they think “safety”. What words describe you? Focus on these words and try to emphasize them through your logo design and other branding and marketing.

Step Two: Know Your Target Audience

It’s a good practice to gather information about your target demographic so that you can shape your branding according to their needs. Think about what your customer expects to see when they walk through the door of your business. What do they expect from your products? Knowing these things can help you to shape your branding and marketing to better reach your target demographic and serve the needs of your customers.

Step Three: Create a Personality

You’ve chosen the keywords that describe what your company is all about. Perhaps you’ve written up a mission statement that incorporates these words. When writing your mission statement, think about actionable ways you can prove that your company truly values these qualities. So, for example, if one of your core values is “friendliness” and you put in your mission statement that you “strive for great customer service”, take some time to outline exactly how you achieve great customer service. Doing so will help you to stick to your brand values and develop a finely tuned brand personality.

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