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3 Tips for Organizing a Successful Fundraiser

successful fundraiser

If there’s one word that describes a successful fundraiser, it’s “planning”.

Fundraisers are the cornerstone of many successful non-profits, schools, and businesses looking to contribute to the community. Unfortunately, organizing a successful fundraiser isn’t the same as throwing together a quick fundraiser. Here are our favorite tips for organizing a successful fundraiser that meets your needs and exceeds your goal.  

Set Your Goal

Without a goal to look up towards, your fundraiser is doomed from the start! Set a reasonable amount of money at the start of your fundraiser planning, as the type of fundraiser you do and the length of time it lasts will be dictated by this. When setting a goal amount, choose a number that you hope to net, not the number you hope to raise before expenses and fees are deducted.

A Solid Budget

successful fundraiser

A simple design is sometimes best.

Every successful fundraiser also starts with a detailed budget mapping out all of the expected expenses for the event. If you are hosting a fundraiser gala or similar event, your list should include things like: staff, invitations, catering, entertainment, space rental fees, tee shirts, transportation, security, utilities, and anything else guests will receive or experience during the event. Pay attention to your goal when you draft your budget, as your total donations will need to exceed both the amount spent and the fundraiser goal for a successful fundraiser.

Think About Your Audience

successful fundraiser

Embracing your audience’s tastes can boost customer loyalty.

When deciding what type of fundraiser you’d like to throw and how to market the event, keep your target audience in mind. Are you hosting a community-wide fundraiser where everyone is invited? Are you hoping to attract business people, families, young professionals, or middle-aged couples? Target your marketing plan to your audience using a variety of tools including social media, mailed invites, phone calls, word of mouth, and advertisements in local newspapers or magazines.

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