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5 Ways to Maximize Donations at a Pledge Drive

pledge drive

Make sure you follow these tips to maximize participation at your pledge drive!

Depending on how much money you need to raise during your pledge drive, it can seem like the end is always miles away! Sometimes, all it takes is a little push to get guests giving. Here are our five favorite ways to maximize donations during a pledge drive.

Set a Goal and Challenge Donors

During your fundraising event, set a concrete amount that you want to raise before the dinner or party is over. Keep the amount displayed on a screen throughout the event and update it with totals as people bid, turn in pledges, or write checks. Your guests will be much more motivated to give a little bit more if they see that everyone else is chipping in too.

Use an MC

Having an MC at your event can really drive donors to give to your pledge drive. They can encourage audience participation and have everyone engaged and smiling at the same time. If you struggle with finding the right words, let an MC do the talking for you.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Your gala or fundraising event should be fun but also stay centered around the core mission—raising money to meet your goal. Keep announcements scattered throughout the dinner short and sweet and try to keep the pledge drive portion concentrated for maximum impact.

Display Pledges as They Come In

Like we said above, take the time to display pledges and increase the totals as they come in. This really motivates donors to keep giving and get you closer to your goal. Pledge drives work the best when everyone is excited about the amount on the screen, so your MC can help out here as well.

Introduce Friendly Competition

Consider showing pledge amounts table by table instead of for the whole room. Encourage each table to reach 100% participation (every seat giving or pledging) or out-give the table next to them. Business owners and community leaders love friendly competition, so this tactic can greatly help you during a pledge drive.

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