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How to Provide Incentives that Promote Success

promote success

Incentives help to give your team the boost they need to work towards success!

Choosing the right incentives can mean the difference between, well, providing an incentive and providing nothing. In order to maximize the performance of your workers or clients, pick the right incentives and create a culture of success. Here are some tips for picking incentives that promote success.

Make it Clear

Just like with any competition or goal-setting exercise, making the end goal and how to accomplish it clear is critical. Make it clear to all of your employees exactly what they need to do to get the incentive. If you don’t make it clear, some people won’t participate and others will try to take advantage. When you set your goal benchmarks, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to have incentives scattered throughout the goal for those that try hard but don’t quite meet the final mark. When people know that they are a long way from reaching the goal or that everyone else is performing at a higher level, they will often give up and stop trying altogether. By scattering incentives along the way, you ensure that everyone will try their best.

Make it Visible

Visible incentives are an awesome way to motivate employees to get them. Different objects can denote different levels of achievement and promote healthy competition. Consider offering a company polo shirt to those reaching the first level, a high-quality fleece zip jacket for those reaching the second, and a sport cover-up for those reaching the third. Explore all of the incentives that Lucky Dog Custom Apparel offers to find the perfect fits for your business.

Make it Worthwhile

Making the incentives worthwhile is the best possible way to promote success. This might cost more, but it will also produce much more, so set goals high. Provide your employees with wireless earbuds, high-quality headphones, or even an mp3 player. By investing in your rewards and making them things that employees want to get, you can get the best results from everyone on staff.

Incentives to Promote Success for Your Business

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