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Trade Show Tactics That Work

trade show tactics

A trade show is a great place to meet new clients. With so many similar companies in attendance, it’s important to make yourself stand out!

If your company is attending a trade show, then it’s likely you’ll be competing for attention among a room full of similar companies. At the end of the day, clients attending the trade show may be overwhelmed with so many similar companies and unable to recall every company specifically. The key is to have great marketing tactics that help you to stand out among your competitors. Here are a few ideas to help your company make an impression.

Tailor Your Presentation

The first thing that will attract people to your booth is how attractive your booth looks and how presentable your representatives are. Making a good first impression is key to establishing your company’s presence. Unique, eye-catching signage can help to draw attention to your booth. You can also outfit your representatives with a matching uniform that proudly displays the company logo. Not only does this make your logo more visible, it also gives the impression that your employees are knowledgable and your company is unified.

Have the Best Swag

Let’s face it: trade shows are all about the swag. According to Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training, people are 52 percent more likely to visit your booth if you have free promotional products to give away. But what sort of promotional products work best? Safe choices are tote bags and pens. If you’re simply distributing flyers and business cards, they’re likely to end up in the trash. However, tote bags can hold your promotional information along with other trade show items, and most people will hold onto pens because of their usefulness. If there is a pre-event, it may be a good idea for your company to invest in higher-quality promotional materials–such as designer watches or desktop items--that will target pre-qualified prospects.

Incorporate Multimedia

Part of making your booth look attractive is to offer something that’s attention-grabbing and interactive. You can hire a professional to create a video loop that represents your brand and can play on a screen at your booth. Tablets with an interactive eBook or white paper gives attendees something to interact with when they visit your table. You can take interactive multimedia even further by having a monitor that displays tweets made about your products and services in real time. Not only does this encourage attendees to find your company on social media, it also persuades them to make their own tweets about your company!

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