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A Brief History Of Baseball Uniforms

Here at Lucky Dog Custom Apparel in Pleasantville we print a lot of custom uniforms, including baseball uniforms! In today’s blog, we’ll be giving you a brief history of baseball uniforms and some popular custom apparel options that our customers order. If you’re looking to create something special for your team, including custom embroidery on baseball hats and uniforms, we’re here to help you make your vision a reality! We also can print custom screen printed spirit wear for fans. Continue reading to learn more about baseball uniforms and contact us today to get started with your own uniform order!

The First Baseball Uniform

The first official baseball uniform was simple and closer to everyday wear than something you’d see on the diamond. In 1849, the Knickerbocker Baseball Club of New York City walked out wearing a white flannel shirt, blue wool pants, and a straw hat. It was very subtle, and much different from the bright colors and billed hats that we custom screen print and embroider in our store every day! 

Baseball Uniform Timeline 

Did you know that major league baseball teams experimented with dressing different player positions in different colors? In 1882, the first basemen wore a red-and-white-striped shirts and hats while shortstops wore solid maroon. The idea didn’t last long, as fans quickly started calling them clown uniforms. Don’t let that discourage you from rocking a striped baseball uniform though; Here at Lucky Dog, we can create custom apparel on just about any color or style you’d like!

Here are a few other notable moments in baseball uniform history: 

  • Pinstripes became fashionable around 1888.
  • Collarless jerseys were introduced in 1906.
  • Numbers were added in 1907.
  • In 1939, the first number was retired, to honor the fatally ill Lou Gehrig of the Yankees.
  • Women started playing in 1943, in a belted tunic dress.

Contemporary Baseball Uniform Trends

Today, major league baseball teams — with the exception of the Yankees — experiment with different uniforms, especially with away uniforms. Team’s also switch things up by wearing throw-back jerseys, adding patches to celebrate moments in their past, or wearing special holiday uniforms like 4th of July baseball uniforms. Individual players also alter their jerseys, making choices like wearing tighter or looser pants, or wearing their pants at calf length to show off high socks. If you like the high socks look, we can also custom print or embroider your logo, name, or number on those as well! 

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel Pleasantville. 

Unlike other sports, though, like basketball or football, baseball uniforms are pretty traditional. You’re unlikely to see something like bright neon or skin tight pants being worn on the diamond. We’ve created team uniforms using custom screen printing and custom embroidery here at Lucky Dog Custom Apparel in every color of the rainbow! Feel free to browse our express catalog for products to put your custom screen print on or contact us in Pleasantville if you’re ready to place your custom apparel order! 

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