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Custom High School Apparel

So much happens during the high school years — friendships are made, teachers are hated, fights are had, students sometimes even study. One of the most beneficial things that happens is when students gather to form an organization, group, or a team. When people of any age come together with a single purpose, that group becomes one, they learn how to communicate effectively, they build a sense of collaboration and teamwork. And to show other people that you are proud of this group, organization, or team, they will often purchase custom apparel that represents their purpose. In high school, this is most often seen when a team wears uniforms, but there are many other examples of this.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel creates high-quality custom apparel that can be worn with pride. If you are currently in high school, or are looking for apparel for a son or daughter in high school, we want to help you design and create pieces that represent this memorable time in your or their life. Our products are durable enough to last through homecoming games, comfortable enough to wear lounging at home, and can be customized to make it special for years to come.

Custom Apparel PleasantvilleExamples of Custom High School Apparel

Sports Jerseys

There are several examples of custom apparel just within the sports group. Each team wears different types of uniforms and could wear different accessories depending on the season.

  • Football Jackets: What star of the football team doesn’t want a jacket with his name and number on it? A name, number, or a letter can distinguish players, give them a sense of pride in their position, and is a kind of status symbol around school.
  • Baseball Jerseys: There’s isn’t much of a difference between football and baseball jackets, but each can be personalized to make it unique to the player and the game.
  • Hockey Jerseys: Hockey jerseys have a unique look to them with long, loose sleeves and often a crop turtleneck. This makes them stand out from the other pieces of apparel.

Sports Accessories

  • Tennis Visors: These are typically only worn while playing a game and can range in styles, shapes, materials, and can have embroidered designs stitched in them as well.
  • Wristbands: Both functional as well as stylish, these can be customized with initials, team name, and more.
  • Hats: Baseball or softball hats, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Headbands: These are perfect for track or cross country runners to keep sweat and hair out of your eyes.

Cheerleader Uniforms

Cheerleaders command school spirit and pride — wear a uniform that represents your school’s style and personality. The uniform itself can be made with the school’s colors and the mascot or logo on the front. Cheerleading accessories range from megaphones and pom poms to gym and drawstring bags. The custom uniforms from Lucky Dog are easy to move and dance in, so cheerleaders can motivate their team!

Custom Apparel Pleasantville

Organization Shirts

Outside of the sports realm, there are several high school organizations that love to show off their team pride. The people in these organizations are passionate about what they do and love being able to display their interests and hobbies. And often, the custom apparel that these groups create are some of the most interesting and fun. These groups can include:

  • Chess
  • Debate
  • Math
  • Band
  • Honors Society
  • Art
  • Book
  • Foreign Language
  • Yearbook
  • Young Democrats/Republicans/Party

Senior Shirts

When seniors have reached the end of their high school years, it’s time to celebrate! Custom senior shirts are often the most popular item, but could also be a hat, hoodie, or scarf. This is also an opportunity to have fun with the design. After four years of school, why not go crazy with the slogan, colors, and style? A custom senior shirt is the perfect way to bring your school class together, despite there being so many different groups and personalities.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel would love to be a part of your high school journey. Whether you’re looking for custom jerseys, jackets, uniforms, shirts, bags, or accessories, we have high-quality products that will stay with you for years — or at least until you can get out of town and into the college of your dreams.

We know that there are plenty of custom apparel companies that you can choose between, but we believe that we offer some of the best products, service, and prices available, not to mention the best technology. When you work with us, you can expect to work with a member of our team to ensure that every aspect of your apparel is exactly how you want it.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to take down your information, including product, quantities, sizes, and other details and we’ll set up a quote!

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