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Promotional Product Mistakes To Avoid

Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you have products you can give to potential customers who will tout your brand while they live their lives? Promotional products are a great way to both spread brand awareness and make potential customers feel like they’re getting something for a bargain or free. In most cases, promotional products are relatively inexpensive to invest in, and they offer a variety of customization opportunities other branding endeavors simply do not. If you’re looking to get your promotional marketing right, it’s time you considered some of the biggest mistakes you can make with your branded products.

Six Promotional Product Mistakes

You’re a small business or a brand that’s looking to spread awareness about your product, service, or mission. At Lucky Dog Custom Apparel in Pleasantville, we’re all about helping people like you succeed at their mission. However, it’s great to know what not to do in order to get branding right. Here are six promotional product mistakes you want to avoid:

Mistake #1 – Objective Not Defined

Similar to your business, you need a mission or objective defined for your promotional products. If you simply want to create some t-shirts, pens, bags, and more to give away for free, you’re throwing money away. Who’s your target audience? What’re you trying to accomplish with each individual promotional product? Here are some specific promotional product goals you can strive for:

  • Introduce a new product
  • Increase product/service awareness
  • Gather product feedback
  • Penetrate new market
  • Remind customers of product’s existence

Remember, you can use one of the goals above, but think about who has purchased your product or service before. Can you find new customers who match that demographic who you can give your promo gear to?

Mistake #2 – No Distribution Plan

You’ve designed some promotional products, you have them produced, and now they’re sitting on the floor of your business or home. How will you distribute them? Remember, you want to target as near your ideal target audience as possible to increase the likelihood for brand association and awareness. If you can get your promo products in the hands of those already likely to use your product or service, you have a better chance of earning new customers. But that begins with a distribution plan.

Mistake #3 – Promotional Products Don’t Convey Key Info

A huge mistake is to design and create promotional products that don’t properly communicate what you want your ideal customer to do or buy. This can be a disconnect between the designer and the promotion or the promotion leader and the company. Make sure to define the mission of the promotional product first—define what you want your customer to do/feel, and then use that to influence the design and creation. Don’t be a brand that leaves its customers more confused than before they interacted with your product.

Mistake #4 – Last Minute Design, Creation, and Distribution

If you want an effective promotional campaign, you need to plan a few months in advance. You will need to work with your team to define the campaign’s mission, the products you’re going to use, and the design being placed on the product. Next, you will need to determine the overall strategy of the campaign. Once all of this is defined, you can then work on getting your promotional products like t-shirts, bags, pens, and more designed and created. Eventually, you will need to work on distribution, which will need even more of your time. Finally, you will have to worry about fulfillment, if you’ve set up a plan to work with customers directly as a result of the campaign.

Mistake #5 – Pay Less, Get Cheap

It can be tempting to go for inexpensive materials and products to fulfill your promotional needs, but consider the quality. Do you want your customers to relate your brand to a cheap t-shirt or pen? Invest in the promotion to get a better return and a more positive reflection on your brand.

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