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What to Consider When Embroidering a Hat

Of all of the custom apparel out there that is handed out to employees, customers, or potential customers, hats are one of the most popular. They are perfect for any season, a great accessory for any outfit, men and women can both wear them, and they’re a great way to put an awesome custom embroidery design on the front. Whether it’s your company’s logo, your slogan, or some catch-phrase, an embroidered hat can be both a fashion statement and an advertising method. But before you start designing your embroidery, or choose a style of hat for your company, there are a few things to consider.

At Lucky Dog Custom Apparel, our team is passionate about providing not only quality products, but we want to help each of our customers throughout the entire process. Our hands-on approach to customers service ensures that you receive a final product that everyone loves. As custom embroidery experts in Pleasantville, we know that there are important steps that need to be considered even before you start designing the actual hat’s graphics.

What to Know About Embroidering a Hat

The Structure

As any hat aficionado will know, there are a variety of styles to a hat. Knowing which style you want will depend on who your customer is as well as the graphic featured on the hat. Hats generally come in two different types that are further broken down into styles: structured and unstructured.

With a structured hat, as you may be able to tell, has more “structure” to it, it may be slightly stiff and will hold its shape. An unstructured hat, on the other hand, after it’s broken in will flop when put on a table and the shape will flatten. There are also several styles of hats:

  • High Profile: This is the perfect “dad” hat, and you’ll probably find these all over the place at a baseball game.
  • Mid Profile: The crown of the hat is slightly lower, making the hat a tad more casual.
  • Low Profile: This style of hat will fit snugly on any head, making it great to fold and twist.
  • Fitted Back: This style doesn’t have any type of adjustment on the back, and gives the hat a clean look.
  • Snapback: The traditional adjustment type on most hats, the wearer can choose what’s comfortable.
  • Velcro Back: Easy to adjust, easy to wear, and that classic Velcro sound.
  • Fabric Back: A great look for women, the fabric adjustment type gives the hat a cohesive look.

The Panels

When you look closely at a hat, there will be seams in between each panel — together they make up the structure of the hat. Hats typically have between five and seven panels. The number of panels is an incredibly important thing to consider when shopping for custom embroidery hats. If you choose either five or seven panels, the panel right above the brim, which is typically where the logo is placed, will be one single panel. With a six-panel hat, however, there will be a seam that goes right down the middle of the hat, which means that your logo will have a seam down the middle.

At Lucky Dog Custom Apparel, we have no problem embroidering your logo over a seam, it just means that the custom embroidery needs to be perfect — which it will be.

The Material

Another important factor is the material. Hats are often made with polyester, which gives a breathable feeling for the wearer. Polyester hats are great for sports teams or runners. If you want a more natural look and feel, you may consider cotton or felt. Both cotton or felt are comfortable materials, but may not be the best choice for people who might be sweating in the hat. We often suggest either twill, canvas, or poly denier nylon for our embroidered hats.

The Color

It may not seem like it, but there is actually quite a bit to think about in terms of the color of a hat.
If you already have your logo or graphic for the hat designed, it’s best to take a look at the color wheel in order to decide which color hat will complement the logo best.

  • You may want to create a hat with contrast.
  • You should also think about the life of the hat — who is going to be wearing it? Where will they take it?
  • If you choose a light colored hat, dirt and sweat stains will likely show up easier.
  • You can also choose a multi-colored hat.

The Price

With custom embroidery at Lucky Dog Custom Apparel, the price will depend on the number of stitches, the complexity of the graphic, the number of colors, and of course the quantity of hats you are ordering. If you want to get a custom quote for your embroidery project, please get in touch with us today. We’re more than happy to take down some basic information about your project and you can even send us your logo so we know what we’re working with.

The Brim

There are two things to consider about the brim of the hat: the style of the brim and the design.

  • The Brim: Flat brims are becoming more and more popular, but keep in mind that this look isn’t for everyone. By choosing a flat brim, you may be losing some potential customers who want more of a traditional looking hat.
  • The Design: If you want to create a hat that is stylish and has a bit of personality, you can add a unique design or pattern to the bottom of the brim. This area of the hat isn’t necessarily going to be seen by other people, but it does make the hat special.

When putting together a hat that has an embroidered logo, you don’t simply want to choose the first hat you see and slap your logo on top. To give your employees or customers a beautiful hat that they actually want to wear, work with Lucky Dog Custom Apparel. Our team will make sure that you have all of the resources you need to design a hat that is wearable, fashionable, and shows off your logo.

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about custom embroidery!

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