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Most Popular and Most Hated Fonts For T-Shirts

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Are you the kind of person to see a billboard with a certain type font on it and get irrationally annoyed? Even if you aren’t, there are people out there who have this reaction. So if you’re in the process of designing a custom t-shirt for your local sports team, employees, or church group, you may want to consider putting in some extra thought on which font you use. Not only can it help you achieve the overall feel and look you’re going for, it can engage people, or on the other hand, turn them off. When you’re trying to raise awareness for a cause or build employee culture, you don’t want to design a t-shirt that annoys people.

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Custom T-Shirts PleasantvilleMost Popular Fonts

Bebas Neau

This font is a Sans Serif style and is a bold, uppercase only font. If you’re going for a t-shirt that is sure to stand out and make an impact, this font will do that. Depending on how much text is on your shirt, this font is easy to read and will grab people’s attention from afar. Make your team name pop or put emphasis on a single word of a phrase, this bold font can be used in a variety of ways to make a statement.


Another Sans Serif font, Raleway is thinner and comes in various styles so you can be sure to have a t-shirt that is custom to you and your group. The font is still great for headings and text you want to emphasize, but still delicate enough (if you choose a lighter style) to be the main font on the shirt.


For a more casual and fun feel, Brusher has a handwritten look with smooth lines that will give your custom t-shirt personality and character. What’s best about this font is that the letters have lines with varying thicknesses — with an uppercase “M,” for example, the two inner lines are much thinner than the two outside lines.

AdLib BT

If you’re going for something completely different and unique, this font offers everything you’re looking for. In both capital letters and lowercase, this font is difficult to nail down, as each letter has a refreshing surprise. The capital “B,” for example, the negative space is two squares, which are slightly offset from each other. In fact, people who take the time to look at the details of this font will begin to see slightly angled lines and almost a sense of mystery.

Custom T-Shirts PleasantvilleMost Hated Fonts

Comic Sans

The worst of the worst, designers everywhere cringe when they see this font regardless of what the text is saying or where it is. The strange part about this font is that many designers aren’t sure why they don’t like it. It could be that the lines seem to be slightly drunk or just that its overuse is blinding. Either way, it might be best to find a font with cleaner lines for your custom t-shirts.


The creator of this font wanted it to look similar to hieroglyphics, but designers think he missed the mark. Even though the popular movie Avatar used this font for their logo, that wasn’t enough to make up for the frayed edges and the not-so-hieroglyphic look. And the overuse of the font is another reason to go with another option.


You can use a bold, thick font to make a statement, but it’s best to use a font that won’t make your viewers feel claustrophobic or that they’re being yelled at. This is especially important if you’re trying to raise awareness for a special cause or organization. Not only are the letters close together side by side, but it’s almost as if the ceiling is getting closer and closer so lowercase letters like “y” and “q” have to stoop down. Give your font some space.

Lucinda Handwriting

If this font was slightly closer to actual handwriting, it may be given some slack. But if you’re going for a “handwritten” look, it may be a better option to design your own font with your real handwriting. And if there is a good amount of text on your t-shirts, it could be hard to read.

Choosing a font for your custom t-shirts is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. Whether they are for your own group or if they’re being given out to potential customers or clients, they will be around for a while. Give them something they will look forward to wearing!

When you work with Lucky Dog Custom Apparel in Pleasantville, you can be confident that you’ll get high-quality t-shirts that everyone will admire. And if you have any questions about the design, or which font to use, give us a call and our designers will offer some expert advice. Place an order for custom t-shirts today.

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