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5 Rules for Working Your Athleisure Styles

athleisure styles

Learn how to get the most out of athleisure styles!

The word athleisure might sound a little silly, but athleisure styles are more popular than ever thanks to their versatility and comfort. Instead of taking off clothes after their workout, people of all ages and styles are wearing athleisure all day long, from the gym to the office. How can you rock the latest athleisure styles without looking like you were too lazy to change?

Pay Attention to Trends

Since athleisure styles have become so popular, it has seasonal trends just like every other type of clothing. Make sure that you are paying attention the latest styles and incorporating new pieces into your wardrobe every season. Basic blank workout shirts and leggings won’t cut it for all-day wear anymore.

Mix Function and Fashion

Make sure that your athleisure styles are appropriate for wearing a variety of places. Check to ensure that your clothing isn’t sheer or see-through when you bend over. More basic pieces will allow you to move more easily (function) and also look stylish whether you’re grabbing coffee or headed to work.

Add an Accessory

The primary difference between gym athleisure styles and street athleisure styles is accessorizing. Pick one or two key accessories that can transition your look out of the gym. Some of the easiest accessories to add include sunglasses, a leather jacket, another shirt tied around your waist, or a sleek and sporty clutch.

Modify as Needed

While some athleisure styles are okay on the street, they definitely wouldn’t be acceptable in an office environment. Modify your look as needed to match your plans for the day. Grabbing lunch at a swanky bar uptown? Don’t think that a simple sports bra and shorts will get you a table.

Keep it Neutral

Some of the most popular athleisure styles are manufactured in bright colors and prints, but neutrals are always in season. If you are struggling to find a color that fits your personal style, stick to the ever-popular neutrals.

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