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5 Top Markets for Branded T-shirts

There are certain industries where employees look great outfitted in a branded t-shirt and customers demand branded t-shirts of their own. If you are in one of these top five industries, then getting branded t-shirts is a wise move. Here are the top five markets for t-shirts.

Retail and Hospitality

branded t-shirts

T-shirts from restaurants make great gifts.

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or bar and noticed that you can purchase a t-shirt with the company logo on it? Sporting apparel with a trendy logo from your favorite establishment has become all the rage. People are passionate about where they love to spend their time and enjoy a meal or drink with friends. You can help your customers display their love for your establishment by providing fun and trendy t-shirts for sale!

Fitness and Charity Walks or Runs

branded t-shirts

T-shirts for charity events provide the date of the event as well as provide a nice keepsake.

Nearly 20 million people annually compete in some kind of race or walk, whether it’s a 5k or a charity walk. If they’re not raising money for a charity, these people are hitting the gym to prepare for the next race. Whether you own a local gym or are organizing a race, you can promote your business or event with a branded t-shirt! These t-shirts conventionally come with an eye-catching logo and information about the gym or event. If you need a snazzy logo, talk to our designers, and we’ll help you create one!

Resorts and Tourism

Lower gas prices mean more people will be traveling for vacation this year. And who goes on vacation and doesn’t come back with a trendy t-shirt to commemorate the trip? Providing t-shirts with the name of your inn or the name of the town is a great way to provide a valuable keepsake to visiting tourists. Because tourists are looking for keepsakes to remember their trip, this makes resorts and tourism one of the top markets for branded t-shirts.

Concerts and Festivals

Just as people want to remember their great vacation, they also want to remember the awesome summer concert or festival they went to! Concerts and festivals are one of the top markets for branded t-shirts because concert-goers will often come to a concert with money ready to spend and a plan to purchase apparel as a token to remember the concert by.

Camps and Leagues

branded t-shirt

T-shirts from a summer camp or sports league serve as a reminder of a great summer.

Over 11 million children and adults will attend a summer camp this year, and over 10 million will become members of a baseball league. Team spirit runs deep, which is why camps and leagues are a great market for branded t-shirts. People want to represent their team and remember their magical summer, and a branded t-shirt can help them do just that.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel

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