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Apparel Trends for Fall 2016

A line of snapbacks, a one of the popular fall apparel trends

Snapbacks are one of the most popular fall apparel trends.

Keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends is essential for any company that wants to retain clients and attract new clientele. Here are a few of fall’s biggest apparel trends.

Apparel Trends for Men

Is athletic wear looking more professional or is office wear looking more sporty? The athleisure trend is blending the lines between the office and the gym for a look that is comfortable, sharp, and versatile. This trend has only been growing in popularity, so many of fall’s biggest apparel trends  for men are fit for the office as well as for a long hike. Here are a few ideas for men’s apparel and other promotional products:

  • Snapbacks: Snapback caps with flat bills are back in style! This classic hat is sure to be a big seller.
  • Vintage look: Nostalgia is still a big influencer in many people’s fashion choices. Go for vintage-style branding with a worn look.
  • Camping gear: As the National Parks Foundation celebrates its 100th birthday, many Americans are heading out to discover the beauty of America’s amazing parks and wildlife reserves. Camping gear, such as tents, flashlights, and thermoses, are sure to be in high demand.

Apparel Trends for Women

Women are looking for texture, pattern, and color in addition to comfort in their wardrobe. Soft, breathable fabrics combined with the right eye-catching and interesting designs are sure to be among the most desired fall apparel trends this year. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Midnight tropicals: This season’s trend is dark backgrounds combined with eye-popping bright colors and tropical floral patterns. Many fashion brands are incorporating all-over tropical prints and birds of paradise in their designs.
  • Soft heather: Going with the athleisure trend, many women are looking for clothing that works both in the gym and in the office. Soft, breathable heather in bright yet work appropriate colors are in vogue.
  • Lightweight luggage: Taking a plane out to Yellowstone National Park? No one wants to be weighed down by heavy luggage. Modern luggage is ultra-light yet super strong, so you can travel without stress.

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