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Apparel Trends that will be Big in Spring 2017

apparel trends spring 2017

Stripes will be in this spring!

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close and your company is finishing out the year, it’s time to examine the apparel trends that will be huge in Spring 2017—it’ll be here before you know it! Here are some of the top trends you’ll be seeing in the new year to keep your promotional apparel eye-catching and fun.

Stripe Up Your Life

Bold stripes were incredibly popular on runways and they are incredibly easy to work into your promotional product line. Everything from thick and chunky bold stripes to thin and delicate vertical stripes was popular, so get creative. Try using stripes of different colors or play around with combinations of vertical and horizontal stripes on the same promotional apparel for a memorable piece.

Talk with Your Tee

T-shirts with funny or witty text can be found on the shelves year round, but they are expected to be a huge apparel trend in spring 2017. Consider coming up with a punny statement that uses your company name or slogan to print in an interesting font on your promotional tees. Want something more serious? Bold statements are just as popular, so don’t be afraid to wear your thoughts on your sleeve (or t-shirt).

Pretty in Pink

The color of spring 2017 is going to be pink—any and all pink! This color can be incorporated into your promotional products in tons of ways, whether it is a fun neon pink active wear tank or eye-catching pastel pink tees. If you don’t want to rely only on pink for your spring apparel, combine pink with other colors to create a more sophisticated palette. If you want to combine apparel trends, use pink as part of your striped shirts or print your witty phrases on promotional tees using pink ink.

Ready for Trendy and Timely Promotional Products?

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