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As The Days Get Darker, A Reflective Jacket Makes Sure You’re Seen

reflective jacket

Even in total darkness, you’ll be visible to oncoming cars.

The first day of fall is only a couple days away! As we move into this beautiful time of year, we also have to be aware of the safety issues that come with the season. If you ride your bike to work, you may notice that it’s starting to get dark as you go home when it used to still be light. Biking or running in the dark, or even at sunset, can be dangerous. Reduced visibility means that there’s a higher chance that speeding cars won’t be able to see you in time. Since the weather is getting colder, the best solution is to wear a coat that is both insulating and reflective. Here at Lucky Dog, we carry several brands that create intensely reflective fall apparel. You won’t have to ever worry about not being seen when you’re wearing one of these comfortable, reflective jackets.

A Reflective Jacket That’s Perfect for Fall

When you’re looking for fall apparel, there are three things that you need: style, comfort, and functionality. Jackets from Port Authority offer all three of these qualities. These carefully crafted jackets fit perfectly into your wardrobe. And with the high quality of SanMar, you’ll get season after season of use out of your reflective jacket.


You don’t just want a jacket that serves to keep you warm and seen. You want something that looks good! The Port Authority Zephyr Reflective Jacket comes in brilliant shades of yellow, blue, red, or black. Eye-catching reflective material makes you easily seen after dark, while colorblocking and a smooth surface makes you look sleek and stylish.


The weather gets chilly very quickly in the fall. What’s the use of purchasing a stylish jacket if it won’t protect against the cold? SanMar products are well-crafted to protect against this. The Ogio Endurance Flash Jacket is designed especially for active pursuits like running and cycling that often extend into the nighttime. With wind- and rain-resistance, this jacket will keep you warm and dry should the weather turn bad. And the highly reflective surface makes sure that you’re visible when you’re doing your regular exercise or commute.


If you spend a lot of time working or exercising outside after dark, then functionality is a huge concern. The more time you spend outside, the more important it is to be safely visible. The Port Authority ANSI 107 Class 3 Safety Heavyweight Parka is built for long periods spent outside after dark. A highly reflective surface with safety stripes makes sure that you are seen. This parka transitions well from fall into winter, as a down liner can be added when weather gets colder.

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