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Athleisure Styles for Sports Brands

woman wearing layers of athleisure style clothing

Athleisure styles make it easy to transition from gym to the office.

A huge trend in clothing style right now is the athleisure style, or clothing that can be worn to the gym and worn anywhere else. This trend caught on with urban Millennial women, but now it has exploded in popularity with men and women everywhere. According to InStyle fashion blogger Eric Wilson, “Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the people who wear yoga pants anywhere.” High-end brands are picking up on the Athleisure trend, selling cashmere sweatpants and luxury yoga pants to eager buyers. You can take advantage of the Athleisure trend, too; all you need is some basic info on what styles are the hottest.

Color and Texture

One of the most important elements in this “gym-to-the-office” style is a fine balance between the flashy colors and textures of gym clothes and the muted tones of work clothes. The result is a unique style that implements sports textures like visible mesh, striated patterns, and heather fabrics and work-acceptable yet still sporty colors like grounded neutrals mixed with bold color pops for a sporty edge. These unique styles work well both in the gym and in the office.


Layering is a big part of the athleisure look. People are looking for clothing styles that are acceptable in the office, like dresses and blazers, but made out of breathable, comfortable material, like sweatshirt fabric or mesh fabric.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are becoming the new T-shirt among young women who frequent the gym. The most essential part of the tank top is the strap style. When choosing a tank top to carry your brand, make sure to pay close attention to the strap style.


Varsity styles in today’s Athleisure market take the traditional double stripes, baseball shirts, and ringer tees and add a distinctive color flair to update the style.


The Goth-lete style is quickly becoming a mainstream trend. This style emphasizes clean, monochromatic looks to result in a style that looks futuristic and sleek. Goth-lete garments are designed to be multi-functional so that they can perform well at work or at play. Focus on black and dark navy colors for this style with embossed fabrications to add a dynamic visual appeal.

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