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A Brief History of Screen Printing

screen printing

Have you ever made a screen print? The craft has been around for a long time!

Screen printing is used to customize tons of things that we use and wear every day, from the pen that you write with, to the koozie your soda can is in, to the shirt that’s on your back! How did screen printing get started and where has it gone since then? Here’s a fun brief history of screen printing.

It’s How Old?

Screen printing has roots in the traditions of the Song Dynasty of China, or, around 960-1279 CE! The screen printing methods developed there were modified and refined by Japan and other countries in the area. Europe didn’t catch on until the late 1700’s, and it still took many more decades for the practice to become commonplace. The screen printing process was first patented in 1907 by Samuel Simon, who used it to print custom wall paper for wealthy people looking for something unique.

The Early 1900s

In the early 1900s, screen printing underwent a lot of changes as people experimented with photo-reactive chemicals potassium, sodium, and ammonium bichromate chemicals. Many people experimented with different acids and chemicals to make photo-reactive stencils and start the early commercial screen printing industry. Even today, sensitizers and emulsion chemicals are used to create photo-reactive stencils.

Andy Warhol’s Stamp

Andy Warhol helped to bring screen printing techniques into the mainstream and make the process less elusive and hard to decipher. His famous Marilyn Monroe portrait was made using screen printing, instantly skyrocketing the art technique to fame. Michael Vasilantone developed a streamlined screen printing process in the early 1960s that allowed many different businesses to inexpensively use screen printing to make t-shirts. The rest is history! Screen printing has continued to grow and evolve into the best way to customize promotional products.

Screen Printing for All of Your Products

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