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What Do Designers Need To Know About Graffiti Fonts?

What Do Designers Need To Know About Graffiti Fonts?

Graffitifonts fonts can be a great option for designers!

Graffiti is all about leaving your own personal mark. If you trace its origins, it has been around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations used charcoal and rudimentary tools to leave their signatures on the inside of caves. Today, graffiti has taken on a very distinct look. In several cities, graffiti is littered throughout the streets. There are many people who do not consider graffiti to be art. However, there are also many who find graffiti fonts to be extremely appealing to the eye. With that being said, it is important for designers to be familiar with various graffiti fonts so they can produce custom apparel.

What is Special About Graffiti Fonts?

The graffiti of today will grab your attention. The letters are typically big and bold. In most cases, artists are displaying their artwork on large surfaces like brick walls, but it can certainly be scaled down to fit on clothing. It is special because there are many people who love the look of graffiti fonts. It is a great choice for lettering on a t-shirt or other forms of custom apparel because it stands out so much.

Options Available For Custom Apparel

There are all sorts of interesting graffiti styles available. To begin, there is the tag inspired which is very basic and quick to do. When an artist begins learning graffiti they will probably begin with this style. This style will eventually become the artist’s signature. Another popular style is drips. With this option, the lettering essentially mimics the dripping of paint. Next, a designer could consider shadow letters which make the words appear three-dimensional. If you are searching for a lettering that is very intrinsic you should consider wildstyle. It blends together a decent amount of haziness and abstraction.

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