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Everything You Need To Know About Camo

Everything You Need To Know About Camo

Camouflage apparel is a hot fashion trend!

Camouflage has been a fashion craze in recent years and does not appear to be losing any steam. This distinct style appeals to a wide range of consumers for its unique appearance. Camouflage is desirable to hunters, but also by consumers who are attempting to make a fashion statement and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here’s a few things to know about camo.

Separate Yourself From The Crowd

If you are looking to incorporate some uniqueness into your wardrobe, camouflage is a great option to consider. The irony of camouflage nowadays is that people wear it for the exact opposite of its initial intended purpose. Instead of wearing it to hide from enemies and game animals, many people wear camouflage to catch others’ attention. It can be used subtly in clothing to add some pop, or you can go all out and have full-on camouflage outfits!

Consider Different Styles

There are several different styles of camouflage. Here are some of the most popular choices consumers gravitate to today:

Woodland– This is one of the most popular choices for hunters. It is designed to be worn during the hunting seasons. Since it is intended to be used in woods, it is a blend of brown and green colors.

Brush– Another popular choice for hunters, brush camouflage consists of a mixture of tall grasses and the kinds of brush found in swamps.

Standard Military– As this name would suggest, persons in the armed forces wear this style of camouflage. It is also the kind that is most commonly seen on apparel nowadays. Many athletic teams are incorporating this style of camouflage into their jerseys to add some excitement.

Change Up The Colors

One of the primary goals of a hunter is to blend into their surroundings. Since this is the case, shades of greens and brown are standard when it comes to a hunter’s camouflage attire. However, for those individuals who want to wear camouflage to make a fashion statement, it important to realize you do not have to limit yourself to those colors. You can use practically any color combination you want in your camouflage apparel. If you are the designer, have fun with it and see what you can come up with!

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