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The main point of custom apparel lies in the word “custom”. Designs and colors are not the only elements that need to be considered when placing orders and bringing your garments to life. It is also important to consider different fits for different individuals. Whether it be ladies fits, tall fits, or plus-size fits, there are options out there to make everyone shine with their custom apparel. Taking the time to find these fits ends up paying off when the recipient of the apparel feels great in their totally unique garment. If selling items, it is much more likely that you will make a sale if the garments are the perfect fit for an individual. Below, we will take a look at a few of the key specifications that are present in various fits that differ from the traditional unisex shirt .

Taking the time to find these fits ends up paying off when the recipient of the apparel feels great in their totally unique garment.


The Ladies Fit

While each garment style is different, there are a few generalizations present in ladies fits that separate them from men or unisex garments. Ladies fits tend to have a tighter fit than a unisex garment, creating a more feminine silhouette that is made to help accent the female body. Most garments do have some stretch in them, but many times customers may order a size up to compensate for the tighter fit. In addition to this, ladies fits tend to have shorter sleeves that also help form better to a female’s arms. A traditional unisex fit is centered more for males and offers a basic, looser construction to fit a wider range of body types. While you can’t go wrong with a unisex fit, sometimes implementing a ladies style can help cater to the female demographic that is looking for a more female-centered garment.


The Tall Fit

When you have some taller individuals on your list, it is important to include their needs into your overall order. Taller individuals generally have issues with the overall length of garments, as well as issues with the length of sleeves. To solve this, brands have come up with line extensions to include tall fits for consumers. These garments help provide a more custom fit for those individuals so they can wear their new apparel and feel comfortable doing so! You can view some of our most popular tall selections on our product page HERE.


The Plus Fit

Sometimes, individuals will shy away from apparel orders because they think the garments will not work for their unique body type. No one should ever feel left out when it comes to custom apparel, so many brands have created line extensions for plus-sized body types. One perfect example is the awesome Curvy Collection by LAT Apparel. These garments offer a custom cut and Comfort Stretch material to help enhance a women’s figure. Implementing a style like this can help include one who may have not otherwise purchased a custom garment. An informative video of this collection can be viewed HERE.

Find Garments that are the Perfect Fit!

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