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How to Turn Trends into Transactions

trends to transactions

With the right marketing skills, your branded apparel will be flying off the racks!

Knowing what trends are on the horizon is a huge benefit to companies who can makes sales from trendy items. With the proper foresight, you may even be able to start a popular trend on your own. There’s a lot we can learn from trends, and taking the time to do so helps us to become better marketers.

Know Your Stuff

Thanks to the Internet, trends travel faster and clients are more informed. This means that your salespeople really need to know their stuff. Having employees with extensive knowledge of the product, niche expertise, and an eye on upcoming trends will help out your company tremendously. Clients want to talk to salespeople who know everything about the product and can answer all their questions. So, if you have knowledgeable salespeople, be sure to advertise it! If, for example, your staff tells clients that the popularity of the quarter-zip pullover is on the rise, you’ll get more sales because your clients will trust the expertise of your salespeople.


If something is trending, one of the best way to make sales is to get out there and interact with customers! Today, interacting with customers isn’t just chatting them up in the store or office. Having a social media presence is a great way to promote current trends, capture your current customer’s attention, and attract the business of new customers.


One of the best ways to take advantage of a trend is to make it personal. Trends come and go, but things that are personalized are more likely to stay. For example, vintage Americana styles are trending right now. Many people are jumping to purchase apparel in that style, but as soon as the trend fades, the apparel will likely find its way to the back of the closet. A t-shirt with a trendy flag can be personalized with the name and date of a Fourth of July charity barbeque fundraiser, or a trendy denim jacket can be personalized with a trendy patch with the name of a company. These unique personalizations make it much more likely that clients will hold onto their apparel.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel

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