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Popularity of the Quarter-Zip Pullover on the Rise

quarter-zip pullover

A quarter-zip sweater is stylish as well as cozy.

The quarter-zip pullover has been gaining momentum as a popular choice for many companies who want to present a professional image. The appeal of the quarter-zip pullover is its comfort and versatility. Find out more about the rising popularity of the quarter-zip below!

Large Demographic

Imagine that a group of your employees are going to represent your company at a show or other event. You need both men and women to have matching outfits that display your company logo, look casual yet professional, and are comfortable. The quarter-zip fulfills all of these requirements. A quarter-zip pullover made of fleece is soft and sporty while also looking sharp and clean. Choosing quarter-zip pullovers for your team is a great way to make your company look professional as well as friendly and approachable.

Comfort and Style

The style of a quarter-zip pullover is a step above the traditional crewneck or hood, while still offering the comfort of sweater. The quarter zipper allows for more comfort and range of motion, while sport fabrics make the pullover great for wearing all day in various conditions. Quarter-zip pullovers also beg to be layered, which looks great and appeals to Athleisure fanatics! According to Gina Barreca, director of marketing at Vantage Apparel, “Performance pullovers are the hottest segment for us right now. Their versatility for sport or casual wear plus the ease of layering them are driving momentum. We’ve actually seen them replace traditional crewneck windshirts in the golf market.” Whether your team is attending a company golf tournament or tabling at a home and garden show, your employees will look great when outfitted in performance pullovers.

Great Canvas

Quarter-zip pullovers provide a great canvas for your logo! Various embellishment techniques pair well with this pullover, including etching, appliques, and patches in unique locations. The end result is a professional and appealing style with your logo in plain, eye-catching view.

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