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Trend Alert: Artistic Styles

artistic styles

90s styles are coming back in a big way.

Want to make a splash with your new apparel? Artistic styles have always been popular, and this year we’re seeing some solid trends within these styles. See how you can get into the artsy scene with these fun clothing trends!

The 90s are Making a Comeback

Remember the layered shirts, band graphics, denim, stripes, and snapbacks of the 1990s? All of these styles are coming back in a big way. Millennial fashion is hugely affected by nostalgia for childhood, so consider investing in these styles if you have a younger audience.

Comfortable Streetwear

Nowadays, most people are trading in their painful high heels and tight-fitting blazers for more comfortable, casual streetwear. Sneakers, hoodies, and sweats are rising again in popularity. However, consumers don’t just want plain clothes to lounge around in. Streetwear has to be as expressive as it is comfortable, as many people wear these artistic styles when they’re out and about. Consider adding screenprinted graphics, embroidered patches, or other artistic details to give your apparel some spunk!

Slogan Tees

Artistic styles are all about expression. And what better way to express yourself than by wearing a graphic tee? Or, more precisely, a slogan tee? Slogan tees are t-shirts with large words that almost jump off the shirt. Phrases can be funny, political, a quotation, or even just as simple message, like “be you”. Find a phrase that fits your brand, and one of our designers can work with you to create an eye-catching design!

Celebrity Styles

Celebrities like Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, and The Weeknd have been teaming up with fashion labels to create new fashion lines. We’re seeing a lot of fitness-themed pieces that emphasize the athleisure trend. Teyana Taylor teamed up with Reebok to create a new line of sneakers that pop with bright colors. Rihanna and Puma recently debuted their “Fenty University” line at Paris Fashion Week. The line embraced collegiate style with an athletic flair. And finally, the Weeknd collaborated with H&M to create a “Spring Icons” collection, which incorporates stylish sweats, bomber jackets, and casual shirts and slacks. We’re expecting consumers to follow the lead with athletic- and fitness-oriented fashion styles this year.

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