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Trend Alert: Vintage Americana

vintage americana

Vintage Americana styles are swinging back in style.

Keeping up with your clients means keeping up with the latest trends. What’s trending now is vintage Americana: patriotic elements displayed in a rough and worn 1970s aesthetic. The upcoming presidential elections are probably to thank for the sudden surge of interest in American-themed apparel; clothing with flag prints and red, white, and blue colors. The rough 1970s look has been popular for a while and has no looks of letting up just yet. Especially if you are marketing towards younger individuals, these trends are worth keeping on top of.

For Him

Denim is a huge theme among men’s clothes, especially when worn down for a festival grunge look. Thermal knits with camo prints are reminiscent of the American military and play into the vintage Americana theme. Add fringes, leather, and suede for a variety of lush textures that all work well with the grunge look. Flannel and bandanas are also in vogue, since they are reminiscent of both distinct American styles as well as the 1970s era of fashion.

For Her

Denim is also wildly popular among female styles, with the denim-on-denim look still going strong. The indigo of denim pairs well with the red, white, and blue of American flag patterns and colors. Isolated stars and stripes in American colors are a common accent on many trendy vintage Americana styles. Fringes on boots bring out that “country” look along with textures of suede and leather.


It’s all in the details! You can really make an outfit pop by adding buttons, pins, patches, and scarves. Excessive badges, buttons, and embroidery on denim jackets really captures the 1970s rebel spirit. Scarves with American patterns help to give an outfit that special finishing touch. Finally, splatter techniques and washed-out beach splotches have come back into vogue for an easy-going, worn look.

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