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The 3 Best Promotional Products for Cats!

promotional products for cats

We love our cats, which is why we want to give them only the best products!

Last week, we shared the 3 best promotional products for dogs. Of course, we don’t want to leave out the cat lovers among us! Although cats are known for being finicky, there are a few promotional products that any cat–and cat owner–is bound to love. So, if you’re organizing a fundraiser for a cat shelter or simply trying to connect with your cat-loving clients, here are the promotional products for cats that will get the best results.

Cat Toys

What do cats love more than stalking and pouncing on their favorite cat toy? Although cats are very self-sufficient, they still enjoy having something to command their attention. Giving cats toys to play with helps to keep them stimulated when left alone for hours during the day. Some cat toys, like a feather on a string or a laser pointer, allow the cat owner to play with the cat, which is hugely satisfying and helps to cement the bond between a person and their cat.

Cat Collars

While dogs may prefer harnesses, collars make great promotional products for cats. Not only is your logo printed on the side, but information about the cat–including the cat’s name and address–is attached. Collars are much more comfortable than harnesses for cats to wear constantly. Having a cat collar ensures that a cat that runs out the door can be returned by anyone who finds the cat and reads its collar, making the cat collar an essential product for cat safety.

Scratching Pad

Did you know that cats file their nails by scratching them? So, when your cat is tearing your couch to shreds, they’re actually trying to keep their nails to a manageable and healthy length. Providing your cat with a cat scratching pad is a great way to give them a designated place to do their daily scratching (as well as protect what’s left of your furniture!).

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