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The 3 Best Promotional Products for Dogs!

promotional products for dogs

“I love going for walks! But I would love walks even more with a harness instead of a collar.”

That’s right, even dogs can benefit from promotional products! Dog-themed promotional products are great for dog-related fundraisers and events. Plus, giving or selling pet supplies as promotional products can help to encourage better pet ownership. Here are a few of our favorite promotional products for dogs!

Dog Harnesses

Did you know that harnesses are better than collars for dogs who pull at the leash? An excited pup that pulls you along on their leash can often constrict their breathing. All that excitement quickly turns into wheezing, coughing, and even vomit. Not only is that gross, but it’s not healthy for the dog! Harnesses distribute the pressure from pulling to the shoulders instead of the throat. This way, when your excited canine friend pulls on the leash, they’re feeling pressure on their shoulders and not their neck, leaving their breathing passages clear. This is why we love dog harnesses as promotional products for dogs; we’re all about canine safety!

Doggy Bag Dispenser

Have you ever taken your dog on a walk only to realize that you didn’t bring a doggy bag with you? Doggy bag dispensers that attach to the leash are convenient for pet owners and easily show your logo on the outside. Pet owners will appreciate the convenience your company has provided when on their daily walkies!

Dog Toys

Dog toys are probably one of the most fun promotional products for dogs that you could possibly invest in! Dog owners will appreciate that you care about the happiness of their beloved pets. And of course, the dogs will be overjoyed to have a new toy! Handing out dog toys at an event is a great way to connect with customers on a personal level (as well as spend a little time playing with their pups!). A word to the wise: make sure that you are handing out safe dog toys. Some dog toys require supervision, such as toys with squeakers that many dogs like to remove and may swallow. Play it safe by opting for a chew toy, a frisbee, or the ever-popular tennis ball.

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