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3 Promotional Drinkware Options to Set You Apart From the Competition

Let’s face it, everyone has a collection of awesome mugs that they have collected over the years. These are usually one-of-a-kind promotional pieces that consumers hold onto because of their uniqueness or sentimental value. As a custom decorator, we have the ability to offer these unique drinkware options that are hard to find anywhere else. As technology has progressed, new innovations have emerged in the drinkware market. Now, there are several options available that can help set your custom drinkware apart from the competition. Below, we take a look at chalk mugs, thermochromatic mugs, as well as ice stick water bottles.

11oz Chalkboard Mugs

These mugs also include a one-color imprint, which adds a permanent element to the mug’s design.


Chalkboard wall paint has been a huge craze this year, due to its never ending customizability. You can literally draw anything that you want on your wall and simply wipe it away when you get tired of it. This unique technology has now been brought to the mug world and things will never be the same. Not only do your mugs become a canvas for your imagination; they also become the perfect ice breaker or conversation piece. These mugs also include a one-color imprint, which adds a permanent element to the mug’s design. And they even come with chalk for an additional cost to get you started! With a minimum of 72 pieces, these pieces are perfect gifts or perfect promotional items to sell at your next event.

11oz Mystique® Full Color Stoneware Mug


Ever want a unique mug with a hidden image? With the new Mystique Full Color Stoneware Mug, we can put any image that you want onto these one-of-a-kind promo mugs. The beauty of this piece is in its thermochromatic technology. Even though the mug looks black at first, the special patented Mystique coating makes the black color fully disappear when heat is applied (when hot water, tea, or coffee is added). This leaves behind your full color, custom logo for everyone to see. You can even imprint the mug on top to have an image present whether it is hot or cold. Check out the video HERE to see this mug in action!


25oz Sports Bottle with Ice Stick

As a bonus in this post, we thought it was necessary to add in a unique sports bottle to compliment the awesome mugs listed above. Everyone loves a good sports bottle that can keep drinks cold for an extended period of time. The issue with this is that most sports bottles do not offer that type of technology. This technology is mostly seen in double walled tumblers from brands like YETI and RCTIC. Adding the ice stick into a traditional sports bottle revolutionizes water bottles as we know it. The stick keeps any drink cold, but does not water down the drink due to its unique makeup. With a 100 piece minimum, a carabiner clip holder, and flip spout, this water bottle is a perfect gift for your staff or sports team.


Promotional Drinkware with a Twist

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