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4 Elements of Great Logo Design

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The right logo design can really make your brand stand out!

Are you getting t-shirts or promotional products printed up with a logo for a company or event? You can bring your logo to us on a usb drive, bring us a sketch to work with, or just let our designers come up with a logo for you! If you’re trying to come up with a good logo yourself, then there are a few rules of good logo design that you should keep in mind.

Keep It Simple

The first rule of logo design: keep it simple. A logo that’s bursting with colors and flourishes is difficult to make out. You want a logo that is easily recognizable and that instantly imparts your company’s brand to the viewer. Think of the simple logos of hugely successful companies, like Apple, Volkswagen, and Suzuki. The cleaner and simpler your logo, the better.

Make It Memorable

Most people will just glance at your logo, so the more memorable it is, the better. Try to incorporate easily recognizable and memorable elements that stand out. Strong lines and easily recognizable and describable elements make for a memorable logo. Someone who glances at your logo should still be able to remember the main elements.

Make It Fresh

Take a look at the other logos that similar companies or events use. Try to come up with something that is still relevant but veers away from the norm. For example, lots of dentists use logos involving teeth. Try to think of something that is still relevant but not the same smiling mouth or single tooth that every other dentist office uses.

Make It Versatile

If you’re planning on using your logo on many different items, then you’ll have to design it to be versatile. Your logo should look good on a t-shirt, coffee mug, keychain, and anything else you decide to put it on. Avoid lots of cluttered print that won’t be discernable when printed on small items like pens. If you will be pairing this logo with other company logos, like for specific company products and services, then you want to make sure that the colors and shapes won’t clash.

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