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Adult Coloring Books Reduce Stress

adult coloring books

Handing out coloring books at a corporate event, office party, or to clients is a great way to encourage an atmosphere of relaxation and creativity.

The first successful adult coloring book sets were sold in 2012 and 2013, and since then the niche hobby has become a hugely popular trend. It’s easy to see why; for years, art therapists have been using coloring as a technique for reducing stress. And with the high stress induced by the economy, current events, and other factors, coloring is becoming an easy way to escape and relax. Adult coloring books are great for de-stressing breaks at work, assisted living programs, study breaks at universities, and wellness programs. There are many benefits to be had from using adult coloring books.


The amygdala is the part of your brain that controls your emotions, including your fear and anxiety response. Coloring essentially gives your amygdala a rest, allowing you to feel calm and at ease. Taking short coloring breaks can actually reduce your overall stress levels.


Do you ever feel like you have so many things to do at once that you’re going to explode? Meditation is the art of calming the mind and focusing on one single, calming task. Focusing on a task like color allows you to gather your energies towards one action that doesn’t require active concentration. This is why coloring is so much more meditative than doodling; you are calmly focusing on an easy, gentle task.


In addition to helping you reduce your stress levels, adult coloring books can also increase mindfulness and focus. The act of coloring stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain which controls organization and problem-solving. Coloring essentially trains you to live in the moment, forget your worries,and focus on the task at hand. You can take this skill and apply it to other areas of life.


Coloring is fun, but it’s more fun with friends. Coloring events help people to create art together. Unlike drawing, coloring doesn’t require any technical talent and doesn’t have any rules. It’s easy to color while also chatting to a friend or sipping a glass of wine. This is why coloring parties have become a wildly popular social activity. Consider providing coloring materials at your next event; people will love it!

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