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Best Promotional Products for Summer Festivals

summer festivals

Prepare for summer festivals with the hottest promotional products!

Ah, summer vacation. The time when teenagers can be found sleeping in, going swimming, and hanging out with friends. Oh, and at summer festivals! Summer festivals are great places to have fun and make memories. And for companies, they’re great places to get a stand and sell or give away promotional materials! Outdoor festivals, concerts, and fairs draw thousands of people, which means a huge opportunity for exposure. Here are a few promotional items that are sure to be popular at the next big summer festival.


Even if festival goers do remember to bring their own sunglasses, in the hustle and bustle of the crowd, things can get lost or broken. That’s when your company will be there with a snazzy new pair of sunglasses to protect your potential client from the blistering sun. Handing out brightly-colored sunglasses is a great way to draw attention to your logo on the side.

Water Bottles

Sunglasses are important on a hot summer’s day, and water bottles are even more important. A water bottle can be a lifesaver when stuck out in the hot sun. Plus, being able to fill up a water bottle at the water fountain means you can carry your water with you wherever you go; so no missing out on any of the fun! On a hot day, your branded water bottle is sure to get a lot of use. Plus, you’ll be keeping festival goers hydrated and healthy! It’s a win-win for everybody.

Handheld Fan

On a hot day, festival goers will be impatient to get their hands on a handheld fan to stay cool. Waving a flier or concert program back and forth can only do so much; plus, your hands eventually tire out. A handheld fan is easy to use and brilliantly displays your logo. Handheld fans are so convenient, many festival goers will likely keep them and continue to use them!

Drawstring Backpacks

At a fair or concert, there are likely to be a lot of vendors selling merchandise or handing out prizes. No one wants to walk around a festival with an armful of stuff; this is where a

drawstring backpack comes in handy! Festival goers can store their stuff and enjoy the day, while your company’s logo gains impressions wherever they go. Plus, they can use the drawstring backpack to hold other promotional items you’re giving away!

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