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Cozy Winter Promotional Ideas

cozy promotional products

Here at Lucky Dog, we love surrounding ourselves with cozy promotional products during the winter!

Winter is officially upon us. With temperatures dropping drastically and the first snow sighted, people are clamoring to surround themselves with cozy items. Why not help by giving away some cozy promotional products? Giving your clients cozy promotional products not only shows you care but is also a great way to encourage your customers to associate your business with their favorite warm shirt or fluffy blanket. Here are some ideas from Lucky Dog on how to share the warmth.

Fleece Jackets

Fleece is one of the most useful materials for staying warm during the winter. Fleece jackets are known for being popular among many hunters who have to spend all day outside in the cold. Fleece jackets are similarly popular among runners who exercise by running outside, even in the cold. Fleece jackets are a simple yet useful garment that anyone can utilize during the winter. Almost everyone owns at least one article of clothing made from fleece. Plus, you can never have enough fleece in your wardrobe during the winter, which is why fleece jackets make such a great promotional product.


Sweatshirts have been in style for decades, and for good reason. Sweatshirts are also commonly utilized by those who spend a lot of time outdoors. They have the ability to keep the wearer warm while also absorbing moisture. Because sweatshirts are always in style, you can be sure that your clients will appreciate and wear your company’s sweatshirt.


Blankets are a great way to literally wrap your clients in welcome warmth. Just like fleece apparel, you can never have enough blankets. A sizeable store of blankets means that you will always have extra blankets for guests or for piling on your bed on an especially cold night. Most people would never turn down a blanket to add to their collection and will also keep their blankets for many years. Not only are blankets warm, they are also soft and cozy, which means that a branded blanket can help clients associate your company with comfort, safety, and contentedness.

Travel Mugs

Everyone needs their morning cup of Joe, especially on a cold January day. A branded travel mug is a great cozy promotional item. For many, drinking coffee in the morning helps relieve headaches and instill fresh energy. And because travel mugs are so heavily used by so many, there are many potential clients who would be happy to receive a replacement travel mug and see your company’s logo every morning with their steamy, cozy cup of coffee.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel

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