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Enjoy a Day at the Beach!


An American flag towel is fun for a day at the beach!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means that it’s time to both show your patriotism and relax at the beach on your day off. Aside from donning some vintage Americana, there are many other ways you can show your patriotism and relax this weekend.

Stars and Stripes Cooler

This red, white, and blue cooler is great for packing a lunch to take to the beach. It comes equipped with a six-can capacity, heavy insulation, leak-proof lining, and is made of 600 denier polyester with PVC backing for extra durability. While you relax with ice-cold beverages on the beach, you can also proudly display your stars and stripes!

Patriotic Cold Pack

Many people who go outside to enjoy the nice, warm weather don’t realize how important it is to stay cool and hydrated. In fact, an average of 658 people in the United States die from exposure to heat and humidity each year! Aside from packing a few bottles of water in your cooler, you can also keep yourself cool by wearing a patriotic cold pack that’s specially-designed to wrap around the back of your neck. This can provide crucial coolness when you need it, and it looks cool, too!

Stay Cool

Hats and visors are another go-to item for any beach-goer who wants to enjoy the sun without getting burned. Hats and visors give you extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They especially protect your eyes, which are particularly sensitive to the sun and can develop health issues, like cataracts, if over-exposed to the sun for a long time. So, grab a hat or visor and enjoy the sunny weather without worrying about getting too much sun!

Flag Towels

Of course, you couldn’t go to the beach without a towel! And what’s more fun than showing up to the beach on Memorial Day weekend with specially-branded towels that look like the American flag? These flag towels are a fun way to show your patriotism and enjoy the beach at the same time.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel

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