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March 20 is the Great American Meatout!

Great American Meatout

A seed paper wish kit allows you to write your wishes on seed paper, which then blooms into wildflowers after being planted!

March 20 is the first day of spring! It’s also The Great American Meatout, a grassroots initiative to encourage more Americans to go vegetarian on the first day of spring. Meatout events occur all across the nation as many people make the choice to eat healthier. You can read more about this effort towards meatless meals at meatout.org. Vegetarian restaurants, activists, and event planners can all benefit from eco-friendly products to promote The Great American Meatout! Here are some of our top picks.

Organic Cotton Products

Shirts, caps, and tote bags can all be made with organic cotton! This is a great way to create a genuine brand that is backed up by its actions. Not only will your promotional apparel advertise your vegetarian restaurant or Great American Meatout event, but it will also contribute to consumerism that is friendly to the earth. Not only is organic cotton eco-friendly, but it’s also soft and stylish!

Recycled Notebooks

Every second, we lose an area of rainforest equal to the size of two football fields! At this rate of consumption, we’ll lose half of our remaining rainforests by 2025, and all of our rainforests by 2060! To protect our planet, we have to practice responsible consumerism. This means buying recycled products. And what’s a better way to save trees than by using recycled notebooks! These notebooks are made of a mixture of both pre- and post-consumer recycled materials. Pick a style that fits your company’s personality and promote yourself while also saving the trees!

Seed Paper

If you are looking for a really fun activity to do at a vegetarian-friendly event, then stock up on some seed paper wish kits! These are little stationery sets with seeds embedded in the paper. Encourage your guests to write wishes on the papers, then bury them. The seeds in your wish paper sprout and become wildflowers! You can also purchase seed paper postcards, greeting cards, and more for environmentally-friendly products that give back to the earth after they are thrown away.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel

Do you need promotional items for your business? Or team T-shirts for an event? Call Lucky Dog Custom Apparel! If you are into DIY, try using our Online Design Studio to create your own design with your choice of colors, fonts, and art! If you already have an existing design, bring it in on a flash drive and we’ll happily apply it to any promotional products you choose! Or, talk to our expert graphic designers about creating a new and unique design for you! Contact us by calling 609- 645-7319 or by visiting our website! Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Linkedin!

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