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March is National Nutrition Month!

national nutrition month

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with one of our many styles of fruit infuser water bottles!

Get creative with your campaigning by celebrating National Nutrition Month! This is a great opportunity for gyms, yoga studios, hospitals, schools, juice bars, health food stores, holistic practitioners, and wellness studios to promote themselves as well as a healthy lifestyle. We have a few great ideas for promotional products that will both celebrate National Nutrition Month as well as promote your brand and help you to craft a great public image.

Fruit-Infuser Water Bottles

A fruit-infuser water bottle is a water bottle that comes with an integrated water filter and a fruit infuser. The filter cleans the water and the infuser offers a space to add fruit, which flavors the water naturally. This is a great way to easily create your own healthy flavored water without the use of harmful chemicals. Drinking flavored water is a great alternative to sugary drinks like sodas or sweetened teas. Flavored water made with a fruit infuser has natural sugars, which are good for the body, and other benefits from the fruits of your choice. Keeping flavored water within reach during the day is also a great way to keep your body hydrated!

Portable Salad Shakers

Shake things up during your next promotion with a portable salad shaker! Portable salad shakers make it easy to grab a salad when you’re on the go, rather than something that will make you feel tired and hungry later, like a sugary breakfast cereal bar or pop tart. Promote your business by handing out branded portable salad shakers! Your clients will appreciate the improvement it makes in their lives.

Athleisure Styles

Athleisure clothing is great for wearing both to the gym and to the office. Not only are athleisure style clothing more comfortable than regular office clothes, but they also motivate you to hit the gym or the yoga studio! Layering creates a classy look that works well in an office setting. Sporty heather colors also provide a unique style for the office while still looking great in the gym. Breathable clothing is great for that high-pressure meeting and that heavy weight-lifting.

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel

Do you need promotional items for your business? Or team T-shirts for an event? Call Lucky Dog Custom Apparel! If you are into DIY, try using our Online Design Studio to create your own design with your choice of colors, fonts, and art! If you already have an existing design, bring it in on a flash drive and we’ll happily apply it to any promotional products you choose! Or, talk to our expert graphic designers about creating a new and unique design for you! Contact us by calling 609- 645-7319 or by visiting our website! Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Linkedin!

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