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Plan the Perfect Company Picnic

company picnic

Employees can cool off and have a great branded souvenir to take home when you hand out beverage tumblers at your company picnic!

Do you host a company picnic every summer? Hosting a company picnic is a great way to relax with your employees and meet their families. You can show your appreciation even more by giving away a fun token to remember the event! Here are a few fun ideas.

Beverage Tumbler

Plastic beverage tumblers are all the rage! Employees can carry around a cool drink in a beverage tumbler branded with the company logo. After the picnic, they can take the tumbler home and use it wherever they go. What a great way to stay cool and show some company pride!


Do your employees have kids? You can give kids branded frisbees to play with while the parents comingle. If you really want to get some teambuilding going, start a game of ultimate frisbee! At the end of the day, employees can take the frisbees to play with at home. The family dog will sure appreciate it!


Everyone in your company will look super cool in a pair of branded sunglasses! Keeping the sun out of everyone’s eyes is a great way to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. At the end of the picnic, gather everyone together to take a picture in your matching sunglasses!

Handheld Fan

Just as sunglasses protect against the glare of the sun, handheld fans protect against the extreme heat of summer. Employees and their families will appreciate being able to take a break from ultimate frisbee to cool down. Handheld fans are so useful, employees are sure to take them home and use them often!

Tote Bags

To really show your appreciation for your employees, you can fill branded tote bags with goodies and hand them out! You can include a branded t-shirt, some snacks, water, and other fun items. Or, you could give employees insulated tote bags that they can use on their own picnics!

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