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Promotional Travel Items Ready Your Clients for Vacation

promotional travel items

A nifty luggage tag promotes your brand as well as provides a useful function.

The weather’s getting warmer and everyone is planning their summer vacations. Why not give them a hand by offering useful promotional travel items? These are the sorts of items that clients will grab when they need them most. Thus, your brand will literally be there for them when they need it! Here are a few ideas.

Packing Your Bags

The first steps to having a great vacation are to plan accordingly and pack correctly. A luggage gripper made of soft neoprene with a convenient velcro closure makes luggage easier to maneuver during long journeys. A stylish luggage tag not only advertises your business but also identifies the owner of luggage if it gets lost. If your luggage does get lost, you’ll be glad you had a branded toiletry kit in your carry-on! Finally, an eyeglass case also made of soft neoprene keeps your extra sunglasses safe and sound for your sunny caribbean vacation! These small items can make a big difference to ease the stress of travel.

On the Way

Flights can be boring, tiring, scary, and frustrating; the list goes on. A great way to take your mind off the flight is to tune into a relaxing playlist on your iPod. Retractable earbuds help you listen to music without getting the cords tangled. If you’re the writerly type, you can bring along a branded notepad to jot down thoughts and ideas on the flight and on your vacation!

After Arrival

Are your clients traveling to rainy Seattle to try some coffee and see the Space Needle? They may need an umbrella when they step off the plane! Planning ahead for weather and activities is a great way to make a trip go smoothly. If your clients are planning on having lunch at the beach, an insulated cooler can keep everything cool and fresh. No matter where your clients go, providing essential travel items to them when they need them will go a long way for your company.

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