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Save a Penny for a Rainy Day

rainy day

Umbrellas are a great product for clients on a rainy day!

April showers bring May flowers! Unfortunately, we’re still stuck in the “April showers” part of spring. Many people find themselves caught off guard in the middle of a heavy rainstorm or thunderstorm. This is when people will appreciate some good rain gear most! Fortunately, you can provide some quality gear for pennies to the dollar! Here are some affordable options for rainy day promotional items.


Ah, the good ol’ poncho. While a poncho may not be considered the most fashionable of rain gear, it will provide suitable protection on a rainy day! You may even be surprised at the style and functionality of the Cyclone EVA Poncho from Charles River Apparel! These durable ponchos are great for crew teams and outdoor sports fans. You may even find yourself grabbing your high-quality poncho when you’re heading out the door on a regular rainy day!


Umbrellas can run surprisingly inexpensive while still being stylish and functional. Unlike a portable poncho, an umbrella can be used several times, which makes it a valuable product for clients. When it starts raining, many people will look for an umbrella to purchase. Plus, an umbrella can be kept in the car or by the door for easy use in the future. This means that every time a client uses your umbrella, you will benefit from brand impressions. To make things a little more fun and assert yourself as an easy-going and fun-loving company, you can invest in umbrella hats! These are especially appealing to families with children.


A sturdy raincoat is a great investment for your employees. If you are in an industry where employees are frequently outdoors, then a good branded raincoat is a must. Custom raincoats come in all colors and sizes, which means that you can find the perfect matching and branded raincoats to make your team look bright and snazzy, even when it’s a dull and rainy day.

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