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The Fanny Pack Is Making a Comeback

Fanny Pack

The sporty fanny pack is valued for its durability and accessibility.

You may remember Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson “rocking” his fanny pack back in the 90s. Fanny packs were a hugely popular fad in the 90s, but they seemed to fall from popularity just as quickly as they rose to it. However, nostalgic 80s and 90s styles are coming back into vogue, and with them comes the fanny pack! Hipster millenials are especially bringing back the fanny pack trend. If you have a younger target demographic or want your logo to be seen in the hippest places, then consider investing in branded fanny packs!

The Fashionable Fanny Pack

Fanny packs a fashion statement? That’s right, fanny packs are quickly becoming a prized accessory. Gayle King, the editor-at-large of Oprah Magazine, sported a fanny pack in the fall issue, calling it “the perfect accessory.” Fanny packs have even been spotted on celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jared Leto, and Fergie! Fanny packs finally burst into the high fashion scene when designers Alexander Wang, Lilly Sarti, and Rudsak all featured fanny packs in their Spring/Summer 2015 fashion shows.

The Sporty Fanny Pack

The primary function of fanny packs is to make essentials hands free and easy to reach. Fanny packs do this spectacularly by fitting snugly to the body where they won’t get caught on things the way a purse does. Because fanny packs are so comfortable and handy, they’ve been avidly adopted by outdoorsy adventurers. Hikers, backpackers, and bikers sport durable fanny packs that come with built-in water bottles and storage pockets. Waterproof fanny packs are great for lifeguards and those who need to have equipment on hand but don’t want it to get wet.

The Everyday Fanny Pack

Even if you’re not hiking a trail deep in the woods or strutting your stuff on the catwalk, you can still find great use in an everyday fanny pack. This is what makes this handy accessory so versatile; it can be used everyday by all kinds of different people. Nurses find fanny packs useful for keeping essential equipment on hand. Teenagers use fanny packs as a fashionable alternative to carrying around a purse. Fanny packs can be spotted in the gym, yoga studio, and schools. If you distribute branded fanny packs, they are likely to be used often and everywhere!

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