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Tote Bags Carry Your Brand

tote bags

Tote bags are trendy and practical!

Tote bags are the most effective way to present your brand. They are the most effective piece of promotional apparel, making around 6 thousand impressions per bag. Because tote bags are so useful, most people will keep them for a long time and use them often. In addition to being so effective, tote bags also tend to be one of the most inexpensive promotional products! What’s not to love?


Tote bags are increasingly moving away from the flimsy bags bought at the grocery store to sophisticated styles that are great for taking anywhere and everywhere. Fashion experts from GQ and Harper’s Bazaar have noted that stylish tote bags have become trendy. The promotional products industry has reacted well to the trend, creating tote bags that are functional as well as fashionable. According to Melinda Gorentz, the category manager for Polyconcept North America, “Picking a bag is an art form, which is why making them fashionable is truly a science.” Modern promotional totes are designed to be durable and practical as well as stylish and with good brand visibility. Since consumers choose, keep, and use their tote bags based on what styles they prefer, it’s important to put an emphasis on totes that present a distinct style.


While tote bags are catching on as a fashion item, the fact remains that they will always be most useful as a practical item for carrying gear, tools, or goods. In fact, totes are popular among both men and women, with people in the medical industry increasing their use of the practical bags. Gorentz says that “given the nature of the job, totes are very popular and useful when it comes to carrying necessary gear for the day. Stethoscopes, charts, lunch–you name it–it’ll fit in a tote.” According to Gorentz, both utility and cotton totes are gaining traction for their fun fashionable styles and their durability and functionality. Check out our tote bag styles to find the right totes to represent your company!

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