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Ways to Say “Thank You” to Staff and Customers This Holiday Season

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This holiday season, show your staff and customers you care with thoughtful gifts!

The holiday season is a great time to give back. You can show your staff and customers that you care with a few thoughtful holiday gifts, giveaways, and rewards! Here are a few creative ideas to get you in the holiday spirit!

Rewards and Recognition

After a long year, it’s important to show employees that you appreciate their hard work and loyalty. You may have set a goal for employees to meet that allows them to win a prize. Or, perhaps you spread the love every year with gifts for everyone at your holiday party. Here are a few ideas for meaningful gifts that employees will cherish:

  • Branded polo: A simple and practical gift, giving employees branded polo shirts is a great way to show employees you care. Employees can wear these shirts to represent the company at future events or client meetings. Way to look sharp!
  • Fleece cover up: For something a bit warmer and more seasonal, a cozy fleece cover up hits the spot! No one can get enough soft fleece pieces in their wardrobe. This versatile and comfortable cover up is perfect for wearing almost anywhere during the colder months.
  • Backpack, golf bag, or cooler: Handing out awards to recognize good work? A quality backpack, golf bag, or cooler is a great choice! These items emphasize the message “you’ve worked hard, now it’s time for a much-deserved break!”. Backpacks, golf bags, and coolers can be utilized by nearly everyone at any time of year. What a great reward!

Events and Causes

Are you supporting a cause this holiday season? You can inspire others to donate their money and time to your cause by providing prizes to thank others for paying it forward! Here are a few of the most coveted prizes that are often used to support a cause:

  • Branded t-shirt: Perhaps the most popular option, a comfortable t-shirt with information about the cause and an eye-catching logo is one of the most prized rewards to support a cause. T-shirts are a wardrobe essential, and a t-shirt supporting the cause is a great way for supporters to introduce others to the cause.
  • Cinch bag: A cinch bag is a useful and versatile item. Easy to store and easy to use, a cinch bag provides an extra hand for carrying items.
  • Sweatshirt: Even better than a t-shirt, a branded sweatshirt provides warmth as well as comfort. You can decide if you want to provide a simple sweatshirt or a hoodie with a front zipper and pockets. Whatever you decide, this item will be a great reward for supporters of your cause!

Holiday Giving

The holidays are a great time to show customers that you value the relationship you’ve fostered with them over the past year. Here are a few thoughtful gifts you can give customers:

  • Non-iron button down shirt: Not only is this a thoughtful gift that your customers will be able to wear anywhere, the sharpness of a non-iron shirt will remind customers of your own professionalism every time they wear their shirt from your company.
  • Plush microfleece robe: What better way to say “treat yourself” than by gifting customers with a luxurious microfleece robe? This comfortable gift will surprise customers with your thoughtfulness!
  • Packable wind jacket: For a wardrobe item that’s functional as well as stylish, invest in packable wind jackets. This functional jacket keeps the wearer warm during the winter months and easily folds up for convenient storage.

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