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Custom T-Shirts Make Your Fundraiser a Success

custom t-shirts

Custom-t-shirts such as this one help to promote your event as well as give participants something fun to wear and save as a keepsake.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to boost your fundraiser or event! A custom, screen-printed t-shirt not only promotes your fundraisers to others, it also helps to contribute to a team atmosphere, boosts morale, and more! Read on to learn how custom t-shirts can make your fundraiser a success.

Creates a Team Environment

If you are conducting a team event, like a race or a soccer game, then providing everyone with matching t-shirts is a great way to build team spirit as well as make your event look even more official. For example, if you are organizing a sporting event like a marathon, you can give runners matching shirts for the event. You can also distribute custom t-shirts before your event for participants to wear to advertise for the event before it happens. For example, if you are putting on a play to raise money for your school, you can advertise for the play by giving cast and crew members t-shirts with the name of the play and the dates of the performances.

Helps Individuals Stand Out

Sometimes it’s important to have custom shirts created for specific individuals at an event. These are people like staff members, teachers, and medical personnel. Having different shirts from the rest of the participants helps these people to be easily located. This may prove to be crucial in the event of an emergency. It’s also helpful for those who just have questions that they need to direct at the right people.

Raises Money

Not only can your team members and staff wear custom tees, you can also sell them to family and other supporters! This is a great way to raise additional money for your cause. Supporters can also purchase shirts so that they can root for their child, make a public statement, or root for the team!

Lucky Dog Custom Apparel

Do you need promotional items for your business? Or team T-shirts for an event? Call Lucky Dog Custom Apparel! If you are into DIY, try using our Online Design Studio to create your own design with your choice of colors, fonts, and art! If you already have an existing design, bring it in on a flash drive and we’ll happily apply it to any promotional products you choose! Or, talk to our expert graphic designers about creating a new and unique design for you! Contact us by calling 609- 645-7319 or by visiting our website! Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Linkedin!

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