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Designing the Perfect Political T-Shirt

As you drive around Pleasantville, you may see signs on the street corners, in the grasses of residential lawns, and bumper stickers on cars. This means midterm elections are right around the corner and people are gearing up for campaigning for their favorite candidates. If you’re one to post signs and get on the phones to talk to your neighbors, you’re also probably the type to go to rallies to cheer during speeches, feeling ready to get the people around you hyped. The question is, what do you wear while you’re out at rallies and canvassing the streets knocking on doors? A political t-shirt that features a beautifully screen printed design. But how do you design a political t-shirt that sends a clear message but isn’t overwhelming, offensive, and gaudy? Here are some tips!

What’s the Concept?

Creating an overall concept will help you narrow down the rest of the shirt. Nail down a specific plan and think about the overall message that you want to send. If you have a specific candidate that you want to campaign for, is there a certain platform or idea that they are campaigning for? Put together a few options for slogans with that topic in mind. Or if you want to keep it simple and classic, all you may need is the name of the candidate and the position they are running for.

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Start the Design

The biggest mistake that you could make when designing a political t-shirt is to make the design overly complicated. This will only make it confusing to anyone who sees the shirt. What elements should be included in the design?

  • Slogan: Keep slogans to less than five words. Anything more than that will take up real estate on the shirt.
  • Color: What party is the candidate running under? Or consider adding a complementary color to make things stand out.
  • Graphic: Just like slogans, keep graphics small and in proportion to the size and space of the slogan.
  • Line: Whether it’s an actual line, or an implied line created by a graphic or word, this can help create an interesting, eye-catching shirt as well as put emphasis on a certain part of the design.
    If you want help brainstorming a design or graphic, get in touch with our team at Lucky Dog!

Who is Your Audience?

The audience you’re targeting plays a significant role in politics. If you want to reach older voters, it may not be best to talk about the need for more money in education. Or if you want to target environment-conscious voters, don’t put an oil rig on your shirt. If you haven’t yet nailed down who your audience is, start there. Ask yourself what age group you want to target, what industry they work in, if they have families or not — this will greatly impact the overall concept and design of your shirt.

Keep it Simple

Political pitches are quick and to the point. A slogan that is lengthy and overly opinionated or a design that is complicated and over-designed is hard to understand within the few minutes that you have when making a pitch. A t-shirt design should be straightforward, someone looking at the shirt should read and understand the message in a few seconds. Anything longer than that they will lose interest and move on.

Remember the Details

A great design is often created by taking into consideration the small details. The Amazon logo, for example, includes an arrow pointing from A to Z, meaning they offer everything and anything you could want. Your slogan or graphic should be simple, but smart and unique in order to captivate your audience and keep them engaged.

The Finished Product

When you have your perfect t-shirt design, you need a perfect product to put it on. If your design is printed on a shirt that is poor quality and the printing job itself is messy, it’s showing your audience that quality doesn’t matter.

At Lucky Dog Custom Apparel, we offer screen printing, embroidery, and more, so you can canvas the streets wearing a stylish and effective t-shirt. We use some of the best equipment to produce screen printed shirts, sweatshirts, and more, and we have a team that is dedicated to helping you design and produce a high-quality and eye-catching product.

Make these midterm elections one to remember with the help of our screen printing shop. Contact us today in Pleasantville.

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